Mexican Jerga Baja Tops

Mexican Jerga Baja Tops

Mexican Festival Jerga Baja Tops

Mexican Festival Jerga Baja TopsMexican festival Jerga Baja tops originated in Baja which is the most northern and westernmost are of Mexico. These jackets are handmade in the heart of Baja and are made from a mix of cotton and acrylic. Because of this mix of materials, it makes a wonderfully soft and warm hoodie.

Well loved throughout Mexico, Jerga’s became very popular with Californian surfers as they were the perfect accompaniment to their image. Also, due to the brushed effect inside the jackets, they helped to warm them quickly after a day’s surfing. Festival Mexican Jerga Baja Tops - Jerga on Male

The 1970’s saw an influx of surfers in Baja which saw an increase in sales. When taken back to the California, they became very popular with many groups of people. However you chose to dress, they were seem everywhere.
The love for these hoodies spread and now can be seen across the globe!

Our Range

Mexican Festival Jerga Baja Tops - Striped JergaWe have huge range of colour choices for you to choose from. From white to multicoloured rainbow, we have them all. Not only are there varying colours but there are 4 different sizes too.

Each and every festival jacket is suitable for all genders and they look great on everyone. Pair them with a pair of festival shorts in the summer or a pair of thick patchwork trousers in the winter. However you like to dress them up works.