Lined Jackets and hoodies

Lined Jackets and hoodies

Lined Jackets and Hoodies

When it comes to festival jackets and Hoodies you can’t go wrong with a lined jacket. Whether you go for the warmth of polar fleece or the natural feel of cotton. Having a lined jacket feels great and can help create the perfect festival outfit all year round.

Fleece Lined Festival Jackets

Fleece-Lined-Festival-Jackets-&-HoodiesFleece lined festival jackets are the perfect way to keep warm when the temperature starts to drop. Jackets with fleece lining are super warm and to be honest, cozy too. Great for summer evenings and the dark winter days. Dress them up or down, however you like.

Our Beauties

From long patchwork right through to cotton pixie hoods, whatever your preference we are sure that we have something here for you at The Festival Clothing Company.

All are handmade and the majority, individual and unique. All part of the joy of handmade clothing. Unique means that although there may be similar fleece lined festival jackets out there, you will actually have one of a kind. Something that no one else has. Oh the envy!Fleece-Lined-Festival-Jackets

We use materials such as cotton and rayon which both have different properties but, they are all fleece lined so are all warm.

With styles patterns and sizes galore you will be hard pressed to find just one jacket that you want.

Cotton Lined Jackets

Cotton lining has long been a popular material choice when lining a festival jacket. The natural material can be created in different thicknesses depending on the intended use. Adding a thin layer of cotton to the lining of some of our jackets upgrades the item to use during colder times and makes the jacket feel a better weight. You really can’t go wrong when you go for the cotton lined jacket.