Hooded Printed Tops

Hooded Printed Tops

Hooded Printed Festival Tops

Hooded Printed Festival TopsWelcome to our page for our hooded printed festival tops. These wonderful tops have all been handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese are well known for their great skill when it comes to making festival clothing. made from 100% quality cotton, they are lovely and comfortable to wear.


Suitable for all genders, these hooded printed festival tops are great for all ages. Available in varying colour mixes and sizes, all of the family can have one.

Each jacket is made from a nice and thick cotton which means that they areHooded Printed Festival Tops nice and warm. With 3 pockets to each top there is plenty of space for you carry your things around with you. As a result this means that you can travel light. The style also includes a hood to add that extra element of warmth keeping the chill off of your head.

These tops look great with pretty much anything. Try pairing it with a pair of trousers or a nice skirt. Even a good ole pair of jeans will look amazing.