Embroidery Hooded Jackets

Embroidery Hooded Jackets

Embroidery Festival Hooded Jackets

Embroidery Festival Hooded JacketsHooded jackets are everywhere in this day and age because they are amazing. However, our embroidery festival hooded jackets are different, special. Unlike high street stores who mass produce theirs, our are unique. Although some may be similar, each is different from the next.


Handmade and hand embroidered, these embroidery festival hooded jackets really are  great Embroidery Festival Hooded Jacketspieces of festival clothing.So great that you that you will want to wear them again and again.

These beauties are incredibly well made and are done so with great skill. Could you embroider your own? I know we couldn’t.

Because they are so well appreciated by all genders, we try to make sure that we have as much choice as possible for you.

Embroidery Festival Hooded JacketsWe have a truly great range here for you which we are proud to present.
With some styles ranging up to size 22, we try to make sure we have something for everyone.

With all colours of the rainbow, mushrooms and blazing suns, you can find something for all occasions.

They go great with any of our trousers and skirts. When it comes to fun and funky these festival jackets really are a great addition to your festival kit.