Sun Hats

Sun Hats

Festival Sun Hats

Festival-Sun-HatsWhen the sun starts burning down on you a sun hat is the best way to protect yourself and provide some shade. A sun hat normally has a wider brim to help provide shade over your eyes. Its amazing how much different this makes when you are standing in  a festival field listening to your favourite band.

Sun stroke as well as dehydration are the two biggest causes of people visiting the first aid tent as festivals.  So drink lots of water (alcohol doesn’t count I’m afraid) and get a nice sun hat on your head.

We can’t force water down your throats but we can provide you with a wicked looking hat thanks to our fantastic collection.

What sun hats do you offer?Wide-Brim-Patchwork-Festival-Sun-Hat

I’m glad you asked! Sun hats come in many different shapes and sizes. The wider the brim the more shade you’ll gain which in really hot weather helps protect more of your face and neck.

We offer a great range of cotton patchwork wide brim hats as well as a patchwork hemp version. These wide brim hats are all unique due to the patchwork nature and so no two are the same. They offer a good amount of protection through the top of the hat as well as the brim providing a generous amount of shade.

Don’t forget about our crochet variety of sun hat. These are not as closely woven as our cotton material hats, however they certainly help block a large amount of the suns harmful rays, they look great as well.

Of course I can’t leave out the floppy hat, this style is not as wide as the wide brim version but, their brim does provide some shade to the eyes. This style is more popular with the guys.

Don’t forget that we have a great range of festival clothing that will go perfectly with your new hat.