Long Dresses

Long Dresses

Long-Festival-Cotton-DressLong Festival Dresses

When the summer sun hits you know its time to get your festival dress out. Our long festival dresses are perfect for summer weather as they are nice and flowing and just perfect for beach holidays, summer festivals, evening out or general wear. Of course don’t let the weather stop you wearing your favourite dress, just add a shrug and you’ll be good to go in all weather.

Long dresses vary between full length ankle or maxi dresses towards the mid or midi length. Because we didn’t want to create lots of categories we stuck with just ‘long’ and ‘short’ dresses. This means you’ll find our longest festival dresses in the long category along with some mid length garments.

What to expectLong-Festival-Dress

The two types of  material our long festival dresses are commonly made from are a nice soft light weight rayon material. This is a nice flowing material that is easy to wash and drys nice and fast. Usually this style of dress comes from Thailand and has printed patterns often of elephants. Our cotton dresses are made using several techniques from detailed embroidery work to using our popular throws.

What can you wear with these long dresses?

The great thing about long dresses is they can be worn with some nice strappy sandals. Flip flops are also acceptable for super casual moments. If you are wearing your dress to a more formal even then flat or high heels would both work well depending on the occasion.

If you are venturing out on a colder night then you can always pair your dress with an open jacket or a shrug. A light airy shrug is also perfect during warmer times of the year to smarten up an outfit.

If you have a strappy dress and would look to wearing during a colder spell then you can also match with a t-shit with the dress worn on top.

With a great selection of festival clothing we are sure you can create the perfect outfit to go with your new long dress.