Festival DungareesFestival-Dungarees

The humble dungaree has been around for quite some time and during its time has changed from the standard denim to many other funky and interesting materials.

Where did the term Dungaree come from?

The name dungaree originally originated in India. It was taken from the Hindi name of a cotton cloth that was exported to England during the 18th century. This thick durable cloth was called “Dungri”. It later gained an extra syllable to change the sounding to “dungaree” as the material was used in the production of work clothing or what the yanks call overalls (basically trousers or jeans with a bib on the front).

Over here in the UK dungarees were very popular during the 60’s and became a hit in the 80’s especially with musicians. Nowadays they are seen as a comfy alternative to jumpsuits or all in ones as they can be worn with the bib up or left dangling.

Dungarees in Festival Clothing

Far from being simple overalls our range of festival dungarees are handmade in an array of fantastic colours and styles. Most are produced using a medium cotton material. We do also stock some acrylic varieties that are nice and warm as well as using a rayon material for some. Whatever your choice all our dungarees are handmade and unique.

What Dungarees do we stock?

Festival-Om-DungareesOur range of festival clothing incorporates cotton dungarees which includes some wonderful patchwork varieties. These create a unique and interesting result each time as the patchwork material lends itself so strongly to being different.

Our Om dungarees are very popular as they are made from big pieces of coloured patchwork material which are produced with OM symbols. The colours used are bold and the symbols although visible are quite subtle and so work well.

Some of our simpler dungarees are made using one base colour. These thenFestival-Acrylic-Dungarees have added small amounts of embroidery and patchwork to made areas of the item pop. These garments really look great as sometimes simple does work best. Don’t be fooled though because although there are some very dark or neutral colours we also stock some very bright and colourful options for those of you who like to  stand out.

Get a pair and see for yourself

These things are so god damn comfortable you’ll wonder what you were missing. Look at the end of the day wearing clothing you feel comfortable in is a massive plus. When we leave work behind and settle into our normal lives we want to wear something that feels great. Made with comfort in mind you can lounge around your home, make off to a festival or just wear everyday. Dungarees are perfect with vest tops, shirts and other long sleeve tops.