We are going to take a look at some popular mens festival clothing options because when it comes to festival time us men like clothing that we can feel and look great in.

Mens festival clothing is starting to look better all the time as the guys are given more choice in the clothing that is available to them. For so long clothing has been about the women having all the options with us guys being left with a few bits and pieces. Well guys, now its your time.

Popular Mens Festival Clothing

The Mexican Jerga


This great piece of festival clothing is probably one if not the most iconic and popular mens festival clothing item, the girls love this top as well, and its no wonder why. Made from a soft mix of cotton and acrylic material these pullover style tops feel great to wear. The material means they work well during the day as well as the night with the hood helping keep the sun off your head or at night keeping the warmth in. With a front kangaroo pocket great for putting you hands in (don’t put your phone in here and then jump around as it might just jump straight out), it really is a great top. With so many colours and sizes from small men right up to big bikers you’re sure to find a great looking Mexican jerga that works for you.

The Cotton PonchoMens-cotton-Poncho,-festival-clothing

This is a great festival clothing item for men. Its heavy, its thick and it looks great. Handmade in Nepal these thick weave cotton ponchos have a nice weight about them that really means you feel you’re wearing something substantial. The poncho has always been a popular festival favourite and its easy to see why with these great pieces of clothing. With a hood ready to protect you from the sun or help you keep warm at night and a front kangaroo pocket for your hands, you’re sure to not only look great but feel that bit warmer around the camp fire with one of these on. Thanks to the great range of colours and the fact that these ponchos are made to fit a wide variety of sizes we are sure this will be a great addition to mens festival clothing kits.

The Dashiki Shirt


These aren’t just any old shirts. These popular items of mens festival clothing are created in bright colours and funky patterns. You aren’t looking for boring old plain shirts when you hit the festival scene, nope in fact you are looking for fun and funky festival clothing. You want to stand out and you want to look great while you do it.

Based on the original African shirts but made in Thailand these brightly coloured tops come in lots of colours and sizes and are very popular at festivals. They are made from a nice cotton material and should be worn loose so the material doesn’t hug your body allowing for the air to circulate and keep you cool.

Tie Dye ClothingMens-Popular-Tie-Dye-Festival-Clothing

Tie dye clothing is always popular during the festival season. It’s loved by all sexes especially the men. Every single item of clothing is going to be unique due to the way tie dye clothing is handmade using dying techniques that mean a unique piece of clothing every time.  From shirts to trousers and hats to jackets, tie dye is the one form of festival clothing that has stood the test of time from its beginnings way back in the 60’s. With so many different styles and sizes the choice for us men is massive which means you’ll always be able to find a piece of tie dye clothing that’s perfect for you, and further more no one will ever have the exact same item, What more could you ask for in a piece of festival clothing?

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