Wool Wrist Warmer – Criss Cross – Orange Mixed


Wool Wrist Warmer – Criss Cross – Orange Mixed


Festival Wool Wrist Warmer – Criss Cross Pattern – Orange Mixed Colours

These festival favourites are perfect for the winter months, complete with warm fleece lining these wrist warmers are sure to help keep the cold at bay.

These tube gloves are made fingerless which means that you are still able to use your fingers while wearing them, idea for people who need that freedom, you’ll be surprised at how much warmth they give to the hand and wrist though. Perfect for festivals when you need to hold a drink or roll a cigarette.
The pattern found on these wrist warmers is a diamond criss cross style.

These handmade wrist warmers are hand knitted in Nepal and are made from natural wool, and a synthetic fleece lining giving you the great quality warmer at a great price.

These gloves are made from New Zealand wool and will go perfectly with any items of clothing.

Handmade in Nepal
100% Wool Outer 

100% Polar Fleece Lining
1 set includes two wrist warmers (left and right)

These wool wrist warmers are handmade using natural wool and so will vary slightly.

Care Instructions
When it comes to caring for any of our festival clothing items we would always recommend
you hand wash separately in cold water and dry naturally.

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