Recycled Silk Hat with Wool Tassels – Pink Mix


Recycled Silk Festival Hat with Wool Tassels – Pink Mix

This festival hat is handmade in Nepal from a combination of recycled silk and wool. The hat is crafted mainly from the recycled silk, colourful wool is added as long tassels to the end of the hat to form a dreadlock style look. There is also wool weaved in with the silk which creates a great contrast.

Points of interest
-Recycled silk and wool mix
-Long wool tassels
-Fleece band about 5-6in wide sewn around instead to make it nice and comfy.

These hats are perfect for many occasions including camping, hiking in cold places, cold nights around a fire or general winter weather wear.

Handmade in Nepal

50% recycled Silk
50% Wool

100% Polar Fleece

As these funky wool and silk festival hats are handmade they will vary slightly. 

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Additional information

Weight 350 g
Care Instructions

When it comes to caring for any of our festival clothing items we would always recommend you hand wash separately in cold water and dry naturally. This extends the life of the item and helps you enjoy your item of clothing for longer.