Patchwork Hemp & Cotton Sun Hat


Patchwork Hemp & Cotton Sun Hat

You can’t get more natural than these handmade festival hats. They are produced in Nepal from a combination of hemp and cotton, both nice and natural. Each hat is handmade and is perfect for helping keep you cool during those hot summer days. You can adjust the rim as it has flexible wire sewn in.

Points of Interest
-Made from natural cotton and hemp
-Flexible wire running around the rim 
-Made from natural fibres

These hats are perfect for many occasions including festivals, beach holidays, summer walks or whenever you feel you need a funky look. These hats keep the sun off your head in style. 

Handmade in Nepal
90% Cotton
10% Hemp

One size only
Approximate size
Approximately 22in inside circumference with small room for movement.

As these funky natural hats are handmade they will vary slightly. 

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