Green Recycled Indian Sari Scarf


Green Recycled Indian Sari Festival Scarf

These festival sari scarves are handmade in India from recycled Indian sari’s. Sari’s are worn by women all over India and these pieces of clothing are often quite expensive, instead of just throwing the material away they are turned into a mix of different clothing including things like patchwork skirts or scarves. Recycling old material is a great way to bring new life into something that would otherwise be discarded.

Points of interest
-Light weight materiel
-Choice of colours
-Unique due to sari material

Scarves go with pretty much anything you own, they can be worn over clothing or under large jackets.

Handmade in India
100% recycled sari

Approximately 200cm Length
Approximately 55cm Width

As these festival scarves are handmade they may vary slightly in size.
As these scarves are unique we have photographed them individually and so the pictured scarf will be the item you receive.

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Additional information

Weight150 g
Care Instructions

When it comes to caring for any of our festival clothing items we would always recommend you hand wash separately in cold water and dry naturally. This extends the life of the item and helps you enjoy your item of clothing for longer.