New Year, New Festival Season

New Year, New Festival SeasonMan I love this time of the year. You know what I mean right? New year, new festival season. Not only does the world reset but it means that the planning can commence. Which festivals to go to and when. Isn’t this how everyone plans their summer months…..

There are so many good festivals to choose from it can be hard to decide but in all honesty it really does depend on the type of music that you like. Many have specific themes such as Reading rock (well it used to be, now Reading and Leeds), Download which is metal and prog rock and then you have Glastonbury which is just a mix of everything. There are specific events just for pop, dance, classical music and even 80’s. If you look, there is something to suit everyone’s musical tastes.

The planning can be just as fun as the attending. Ok who am I kidding. It is not as fun at all, boring in comparison but, it is exciting!New Year, New Festival Season - Fun Fair

Where you go all has to do with budget, amount of time that you have and of course location. There are amazing festivals all across the county (globe actually) but logistically they are not always practical depending on where you are.

There are so many websites out there that list the major events and even some of the smaller less well known ones. Take Skiddle for example, you can search all festivals in the UK and even abroad if you want to. They are definitely worth a look. I would recommend trying a few smaller ones too as you will be pleasantly surprised. Although the bands may not be massive headliners, you will enjoy them and the atmosphere is great.

Why Go?

New Year, New Festival Season - Teepee CampingIf you are a lover of music then it is a no brainer – go for the bands. There really is nothing better than losing yourself in live music, Especially when it is a band that you love!
Although they are called music festivals, there is of course more to do. Usually there is a fun fair of sorts, stalls galore where you can buy anything thing from festival clothing to groceries and even classes such as yoga etc. There is so much to do and see there is no chance of getting bored or complacent.
They are also a great place to hook up with friends. We usually meet up with friends from all around the country and have just the best time. Even when the festivities are over for the night and all of the music has come to an end, the campsites are still open (of course) which means that you can stay up, catching up as long as you like. Watching the sunrise with pals is ace. Half the fun is in the campsites going on until the wee hours. Some places even allow you small campfires which is amazing however, those that don’t, be sure to wrap up warm as it can get chilly even in the summer. Our festival ponchos are a great way to help keep the chill off.

If camping on the ground isn’t quite your thing then may offer alternative camping which is called glamping. This is posh camping usually in the likes of a teepee and has a bed, electricity and it’s own loo. You do pay for the privilege mind but totally worth it in my opinion.

The festival season is truly a great time of the year. A time for fun, enjoyment and new festival clothing!