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Nepalese Clothing

Nepalese Clothing

The Nepalese are known throughout the world for producing some of the best festival clothing. Their colourful culture inspires their styles and designs which when translated into this style of clothing creates items that are unique, comfortable and pleasing on the eye. The Nepalese have been hand making clothing for generations and so it’s no wonder the skills that they have passed down from parent to children has carried on for so long and made it into the western world.

What makes Nepalese Clothing Special?

When it comes to Nepalese clothing you can’t go wrong when it comes to quality. These guys really know their way around a sewing machine or knitting needle. These guys really put great care and dedication into every product they produce. This means that Nepalese clothing is made to last as it’s made with this great care and attention to detail.

When you think of Nepal you probably think of mountains, the cold climate and warm clothing. Thankfully for us the Nepalese have become masters at producing warm clothing. This makes Nepal the primary source for our handmade wool clothing like our popular wool jackets, wool hats and woollen gloves. When it comes to producing woollen wear these guys are experts in their field, they are able to knit their way through many items a day as it has become second nature to them. Don’t think they are being whipped to work faster though as these crafts people sit in groups where they talk amongst themselves quite happily while they work producing this wonderful clothing.

Why buy from Nepal

Nepalese clothing

The Nepalese are a proud people who want to work and are happy to earn a living producing clothing. They don’t want to sit around and be given handouts but would much rather earn the money they are given. Our clothing is produced to order and is paid in advance so the producers and their staff can be guaranteed the wage after their hard work is finished. Buying clothing produced in Nepal means you are getting not only a high quality item but you are paying for the peoples of this great country to earn a living the best way they know how.

When it comes to great looking comfortable clothing you have to hand it to these guys as they really know what they are doing. From stylish designs to high quality finishes you can be sure you’re in safe hands when you purchase clothing which is handmade in Nepal.