Mens festival clothing should be fun and funky.
Welcome to The Festival Clothing Company. We specialise in clothing for men and women, bringing the feel of the festival direct to you.


Men's Festival Clothing - Jerga HoodieMen’s Festival Clothing

When it comes to mens festival clothing we like to think that we offer a great choice that will keep the guys looking good all year around. We have spent many years in the festival clothing business. Why? Because we love the wonderful clothing that’s out there for the men. Let’s face it the women do get a much wider choice but we do try and keep the men happy as well.

What Can you expect?

We work closely with our suppliers to produce the best men’s festival clothing. This means that we are always looking for new and interesting ideas that will keep the guys looking fresh and Men's Festival Clothing - Short Sleeve Shirts

certainly standing out in the crowd. Festival clothing should always be about looking good but it should also be about having fun. All of this is shown in the patterns, colours and prints that we use in our clothing styles. We like bright and bold statements that really make you think about having fun. Some of our more simple ideas work really well paired with our more extravagant designs making a great contrast. Clashing colours work amazingly well too!

When you hit the festival your clothing should be comfortable, affordable and look the mutts nuts. You’re going to be spending a few days camping out so you want clothing that keeps you warm at night and lets you stay cool during the day, with our collection we hope to cover all of this.

So what clothing do we have?

With a great selection ranging from funky shirts perfect for summer days, to fleece lined jackets that work well during the evening we really have a great selection. Keep the sun off your head and look great in the process with our unique hats. Stay cool all summer in our men’s shorts, which are wonderfully airy.
Whatever you are looking for we have a wonderful selection to kit you out from head to toe.