Latitude Festival 2019 Headliner Update

As always, the line up for this year’s festival is a fantastic one. One which so many of us are looking forward to. Not long now though, less than 4 weeks to go. How exciting!
You may or may not have heard but there has been a change to Saturday. For you who were stoked about seeing Saturday’s headliner, Snow Patrol. I am sorry to say that news just in is that unfortunately, they have had to cancel. Both Nathan and Johnny are experiencing some health problems at the moment and need  some time to rest and recuperate.

Snow Patrol

Johnny McDaid who is the band’s pianist, backing vocalist and guitarist is experiencing some serious problems with his neck. Several consultations with top neurologists have led to the result that he needs immediate surgery to fix the issues that he has been having.  There will of course be some recovery time after surgery and I am sure that you will all wish him wellness and good health.

Nathan Connolly who is in addition to Johnny is a guitarist and backing vocalist for Snow Patrol is also experiencing some troubles at this time. He is suffering from some nerve damage that requires lots of rest and relaxation. He has been told that another 4 weeks rest is in order before he can even look at his guitar again.. We wish Nathan a speedy recovery.
Feel better soon lads!

With the two of them out of action, several gigs have had to be cancelled or postponed. They have released several statements apologising and they hope to catch up with us all again soon. Keep an eye out for new tour dates when the boys are back to full health. They have so many amazing tracks in their back catalogue with more to come I am sure it would be a shame not to be able to catch them in the future.

Drum Roll Please

So, with Snow Patrol out, I can hear you begging me to tell you the Latitude Festival 2019 headliner update. Well, I am really excited to announce that Stereophonics will be stepping up and headlining, closing off the day. Wow! That is amazing news. Who doesn’t love the phonics?! Sy and I have seen them on several occasions and not once did they disappoint, they have been amazing every time.

Kelly Jones has stated that they are super excited to finish off their summer tour at Latitude festival. They want the beautiful people singing out loud and having a great time and so they have promised a massive show full of tunes.

Stereophonics have been around for over 2 decades, have amassed over 10 million album sales and have played all around the world. They have a huge fan base who love all of their tunes old and new. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, I guarantee that everyone knows who they are and will not be able to resist singing along. Get your arses to the main stage on the Saturday folks and you will be in for one hell of a finish.

These stunning Welsh lads will be joining other headliners across the festival such as George Ezra and the amazing Lana Del Ray.

So regardless of the changes, get your festival clothing on and get yourselves over to the festival to guarantee and epic weekend!