IOW Festival 2019 – Tickets now on Sale!

Isle Of Wight Festival 2019 - Tickets Now on Sale!Wohoo, it is time! The tickets for the 2019 Isle of Wight Festival are now on sale. There are several different ticket types available depending on if you want to go for the full weekend or just one day. It’s really up to you. I would get in there fast though as these babies sell out like hot cakes. Any why not, the line up this year is amazing!

Ticket Types and Prices

Weekender – these tickets will get you into the festival for the full weekend, day and evening, including camping. You can of course leave the grounds if you do not wish to camp and would rather stay in comfort. The best type of ticket to get in my opinion as you get the full experience and get to see so many live bands. Yippee!!!
The price for an adult weekend ticket is £175. £160 if you are a student. Free if you are under 12 and teenagers £155. If you are an Islander however then you get a further reduced ticket at £145 for the weekend.

Day Tickets – as the name suggests , these tickets get you in for just one day. You will need to decide which day has the bands that you would like to see the most and then pick that one.
Prices for the days are: Friday £60, Saturday and Sunday are both £70.

Click here to be taken to the official website to get your Isle of Wight Festival tickets. Quick before it is too late….
Getting yours now means that you have plenty of time to spruce up your festival clothing wardrobe.