How to Save Money at a Festival
When it comes to summer music festivals they don’t come cheap. With the cost of travel, the ticket into the festival, your basics like tent and food you’ll soon start to run up a big bill. There are ways however that you can keep your festivals spend down and enjoy your next festival on a budget. Lets take a look at How to Save Money at a Festival.

How to Save Money at a Festival

How to Save Money at a Festival
Festivals aren’t the cheap places they used to be. Do you know that the first ever Glastonbury Festival in 1970 only charged £1 for entrance, that’s a far cry from today’s eye water prices. It’s no wonder people look to save money wherever they can when it comes time to head off to the next festival.  Thankfully there are some simple ways to help cut costs, not all are going to be right for you but pick the ones that you’re happy to go with and you’ll find you’ll save yourself a few bucks.

1. Volunteer for a free ticket

How to Save Money at a Festival Volunteer
Every festival needs people to make the festival go off without a hitch. This ranges from ticket checkers to litter pickers or people working charity stalls. There is so much that needs to be done to keep a festival going, this means many tasks are carried out by volunteers who work in shifts to complete tasks over the festival weekend. Payment for this work is often a ticket into the festival for the whole weekend. This is the best way to save money when you consider for example current Glastonbury Festival ticket prices are around the £250 mark. Depending on the job you may have issues with band timings but many people who do volunteer work talk with shift leaders to work out the best way for everyone to get to see the bands they want. As well as free entry you’ll also get to meet new people and create new friendships.

2. Share Travel cost by travelling together

If you happen to have a group of friends going then try and travel up together in one vehicle. For larger groups do what we did one year and hire a bus and driver, we got dropped off at the gate and picked up again after the festival, it was cheaper than public transport and meant no one had the responsibility of driving.

If you’re going to go via public transport then book well in advance to save on costs as sometimes getting to and from the event can end up costing half the entry price. Booking in advance will cut the cost and help you save some dosh.

3. Share Tent or Borrow Someones Else’s

When it comes to festival essentials you don’t much more essential then a place to sleep. If you have a friend that has a nice roomy tent and you can grab a corner to sleep then go for it, not everyone likes the idea of sharing there space but one year we had 5 people in a 2 man tent. Alternatively you could borrow someone’s tent, this is the better option but just make sure you look after that tent because if it gets ruined you’ll end up footing the bill for a new one.

4. Spend Wisely – Set a Budget

You’re at the festival for a set number of days so work out how much cash you have and make sure you stick to a daily budget. This way you’ll have enough each day for the basics and won’t be left short on the last day. It’s always worth putting some money aside as an emergency fund, just in case.

5. Take your own food

Taking your own food is a great way to save throwing away cash. This would mean also carrying in cooking equipment etc which can get a little heavy if you are doing this on your own. If travelling to the festival in a group then share the responsibility between you, this will help with cost as well as carrying. Keep an eye out for the festival store, most festivals now have a supermarket where you can buy fresh food which will help you avoid the food stalls. Do double check prior to travel to make sure you are allowed cooking fires on campsite.

6. Take your own Booze

Most festivals let you take booze into the festival campsite. You will need to decant any alcohol from glass bottles into plastic or reusable containers as in most cases glass is not allowed on site. Glastonbury is still the main festival that lets alcohol throughout the whole site, many other festivals have separated the camping and arena area so they can generate money from you, so always check what alcohol restrictions apply to your festival.

7. Recycle cups for cash

So many festivals offer money for the return of card, plastic or reusable cups. With so many people just throwing their empty cups on the ground you’ll be able to make some cash pretty quickly. Look out for the more expensive reusable plastic cups that many festivals are now adding as these win you a lot more bang for your hard work. As a plus point you’re also helping keep the place tidy, cheers guys.

8. Take a reusable bottle

Buying bottles water is not cheap, nore is it great for the environment. With one reusable water bottle you can kill two birds with one stone. Festivals have to provide fresh drinking water so why not take advantage of their water filling station and save yourself the normal price of £2 for a bottle of water.

9. Bring Cash but keep it Safe

With the modern age of contactless payments and things like Apple pay which can be done over your phone cash is becoming less relevant, however cash is the most used currency at music festivals as all stall holders still use cash whereas not all use card etc. Take cash but make sure you have a money belt to keep it nice and safe. A word of warning; don’t leave any money or other valuables in your tent. If you do end up needing to take more money from the onsite cash machines expect to pay a hefty sum to do so.

10. Bring a Power Bank for Charging Phone

Some festivals offer free charging whereas others charge for the privilege of charging your phone. Double check before you go but in most cases its better just to take a wee power bank that will last the weekend. You can pick these up quite cheaply and it means no standing in queues. If you don’t mind about not having power then save yourself the money and forget about the power bank full stop.

11. Buy your Festival Clothing in Advance

As festival time approaches you’ll want to take a look at what outfits you can wear to this years festival. To save money do your festival clothes shop with us before you head off to the festival. That way you’ll have budgeted for the clothing and have it all purchased and ready to go.

12. Don’t buy a Program

With the advent of smart phones you no longer need to buy an over priced paper booklet to tell you times of bands. Just download the latest festival app and away you go. With updates on band times and things to do at the festival as well as a map you’ll have everything you need and all for free, we like free.

We hope you like some of our tips on How to Save Money at a Festival. Lets be honest not all of these are going to be feasible for everyone who is looking to save money. However if you can just pick a few suggestions you like then you can start saving some dosh so your festival experience doesn’t have to break the bank too much.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a cracking time when you have your next festival experience.