How do you stay warm at a festival?When it comes to festival fun the sun doesn’t shine forever. So as the sun sets and the temperature goes down you’ll want to make sure you wrap up warm in your festival clothing so the party can carry on. To give you a full idea we are going to take a look at ‘How do you stay warm at a festival?‘.

How do you stay warm at a festival?

During the warm summer days you’ll be reaching for your sun hat and sunglasses while soaking up the rays in your shorts or skirt. But come the evening time when the sun starts to drop you’ll start to feel the chill. If you’re watching a band and are tightly packed within the crowd you’ll probably not start to feel the chill until the crowd disperses but, once that happens you’ll feel the chill quite fast and need to layer up. Layers are the key to keeping warm but choosing the right layers to add is key.

Think before you pack

Space is precious when you’re packing for a festival. It’s great to have all your festival clothing with you but lets face it; we don’t want to drag large quantities of our clothing in and out of the festival at the start and finish. The following ideas are perfect for keeping you warm but instead of packing every item of warm clothing you have we would suggest you pick some that work best for you and think about what you want to take. For example taking a hoodie instead of a wool jumper means that you’ll not need to take a hat as you have a hood.

Have a spare something around your waist

Having a long sleeve thin jacket or long sleeve shirt that you can tie around your waist is great for when the temperate drops and you’re caught out without heavier duty clothing (you’re not going to carry about a jumper all day). Even a thin waterproof jacket will help a little and these tend to be small enough to fold or roll up.  It might not give you the warmth you need to make it through the whole night but if you are planning on stopping by your tent you can pick up extra clothing then. This saves you from carrying around lots of warm clothing when you are trying to watch the last band of the evening.

How do you stay warm at a festival? - HoodieHoodies and Jumpers Rule

I’m always torn between a jumper of hoodie. Its all about how you feel as some people just don’t get on with hoodies, even if they are super comfortable. A hoodie like the Mexican Jerga can provide not only style when it comes to festival fashion but warmth. The hood helps protect the head and the rest of the hoodie will keep your body warm. Jumpers if made from natural wool are great at maintaining body heat but you might want to grab a hat as well as most jumpers come without a hood.




We’ve been to many festivals and a great addition during the evening is a simple blanket. During the day this can be used to sit on but, during the evening wrap your blanket around you (and your partner if big enough) and off you trot. The feeling of having a big blanket wrapped around you is the same as having your duvet with you. Its warm and cosy and perfect for your evening trips. Just leave it with someone when venturing into the toilets as you’ll not want it destroyed.


It wouldn’t be a festival without seeing a few ponchos hanging around. These throw over yourself garments are perfect for festivals. They are easy top wear (just throw them on), anyone can wear them and they are great at keeping you warm. Ponchos feel like you are wearing a big blanket as they are warm and cosy and if you purchase a nice big one can wrap around your body. With warm acrylic and cotton to choose from you’ll have some great options for keeping warm. To make things super warm go for a poncho that has a hood and front kangaroo pocket, this will help with keeping that cold at bay.


During the day you ladies (and a few gents) would have been wearing your skirts, shorts and dresses. Come the evening time you’re probably starting to get a little on the chilly side. Never fear as a thick pair of tights will help you out no end, and they are easy to fold or roll up and throw in a bag for when they are needed. Gents don’t be shy as these work great for you as well.


If you’ve had a sun hat on during the day then you’ve got a ‘two for the price of one’ item as this baby can be used at night. Keep your festival hat on during the evening to help keep that warmth.  We lose a fair amount of heat through our head so any balding men should definitely wear a hat or bandana to help keep the warm locked in. If you didn’t have a sun hat then think about a wool fleece lined hat and you’ll be good to go. Don’t forget a hooded jacket or poncho will do a great job and save you packing another item.

Festival clothing isn’t just about looking great it’s about making sure you are comfortable. This means whether its hot or cold wearing the right clothing that fits the situation. We hope our little look at what to wear to keep warm at a festival has helped.