How Do I Decorate My Tent For A Festival?

When it comes to camping at a festival you’ll find that many of the tents look the same. Yes you might find the odd one that has it’s own unique design but in many cases tents tent to come in a very few colours that often revolve around green, blue, grey, orange and yellow. With thousands of tents littering the festival camping ground it’s quite easy to lose your tent. There are ways to make your tent stand out so you’ll be able to find your way home after a hard days dancing.

How Do I Decorate My Tent For A Festival?

Tent decoration is one of the best ways to make your tent stand out at a festival. It also gets you into the spirit. Here we take a look at a few ideas on how to get your tent to stand out against the rest. Please note that some of our suggestions are permanent and should only be used on your own tent.


Festival Tent and Campsite Decoration

Tents tend to come in very few colours and so sometimes finding your tent could be a little harder than you first thought. To take the stress out of finding your tent you’ll want to make sure that yours stands out against the rest. Here we look at a few simple ways this can be done.

-Create a Fence
This works great when you camp in a group. Tie bunting from one tent to another t create an area that is used for you and your camp mates. This gives you a little more room to move around and makes it more obvious when searching for your campsite.

-Add a Gazebo
If you are in a group you can add a gazebo which will stand out over the other low level tents. Its a great place to sit if it rains and gives a central area to your campsite. You can decorate it to make it even more obvious.

Attaching bunting to the guy-ropes will help your tent stand. It will also help prevent people tripping over the ropes as it will make them standout more.

You could if you’re feeling artistic decorate your tent with paint. You’ll have to select paint that is not going to damage your tent as well as being waterproof. Tents are meant to be able to breath so don’t cover the whole thing.

-Glow in the dark Paint 
Yep as the sun beats done on your tent during the day it will charge the paint. When night falls your tent will light up and provide a beacon for you to follow. This isn’t a perfect solution as the glow will penetrate the inside of your tent but if you sleep with a face mask it won’t bother you.

Creating a banner fixed between two poles is a great way to make your mark on your campsite. All you’ll need is a couple of poles to display your work of art and some great ideas. We would recommend a tarpaulin type material and a waterproof paint so your art work lasts the festival. The other option is to create a material banner where you can sew all kinds of interesting things including words or images.

The flag is one of those traditional festival campsite markers. People use all sorts of flags including band flags with Bob Marley being a favourite. The country of your origin is another popular selection with a varied mix of countries at every festival showcasing the mix of people and how far they might have come. When not make your own flag and fly something really unique.

Windsocks have become quite popular of late as they can be seen for miles around (well a good few hundred meters) due to the long telescopic pole you use to display them on as well as the bright colours. With a variety of colours and styles including dragons, butterflies aliens and much more you’ll be able to really stand out. Why not make your own?

-Solar lights
You can pick up cheap solar lights quite easily. The string versions would wrap around your guy-ropes quite nicely and not only provide a guide to where you tent is but also keep people from tripping over your ropes. Again the draw back is the light will penetrate the tent so get that face mask out again. Just make sure you take these home and reuse them for something else.


-or Don’t forget
If you decide not to decorate your tent (many don’t) then just take a bearing from another obvious land mark so you can find your way back when your drunk at 2 in the morning. There is nothing worse then bumbling into someone else’s tent when you’ve had a skin full.

-Download an app
If you really can’t be bothered with decorating your tent and have no sense of direction then the ‘find your tent’ app is probably for you. It works the same as the ‘find your car’ app. You just pitch your tent, save your location and then when it comes time to find the tent again hit ‘find tent’. We’ve not tested either apps but give them a try and let us know.


Find my tent iPhone   –   Tent finder for Android


Here at The Festival Clothing company we love a good festival. Camping can be a real treat as you meet new people and rough it for a few days. If you’re not sure what you should be packing then take a look at our essential guide on what to bring to a festival.