Welcome to The Festival Clothing Company, the home of handmade clothing.

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Handmade Clothinghandmade-clothing

All of our clothing is hand produced by skilled garment makers in the country of origin, this includes Nepal, India, Thailand, Guatemala, Indonesia and Mexico.  There is something nice about handmade clothing, it doesn’t just run off a machine. Someone has had to think about the item they are making and then cut and sew the pieces together.  This is why traditional festival clothing is probably one of the main styles of clothing that is still hand crafted in countries that have for many years produced this wonderful clothing.

How Handmade Clothing helps the Locals

Producing handmade festival clothing is integral to the local economies, many women from local villages learn how to produce clothing from an early age and so it becomes a stable form of income for many of them. Men also pick up the skills needed to produce this wonderful clothing and so not only do the skills stay alive and pass on from generation to generation but they are also able to earn a fair wage for their skills, skills that we normally take for granted over here in the West.

handmade-festival-clothingKeeping it Unique

One of the biggest draws for people buying handmade clothing is the fact that each garment is unique, whether that is from the detailed work (like embroidery) or from the way the material is cut to get the most out of the material (sometimes only subtle differences). The producers really look at as many ways as possible to reuse off cuts and scraps so there is as little waste as possible during the production process, this is something we could all learn from. This drive to use as much of the material as possible often creates new designs and ideas as the producers think of ways to add embroidery, pixie trim or other detail from the off cuts.

Its has to be said that handmade festival clothing really is a great way to express yourself, we have always said you are a unique person and so try and keep it that way.