The Festival Clothing Company sell a great range of Glastonbury style clothing direct and to your door. Perfect to keep you going through any festival.

Glastonbury Style Clothing

Glastonbury Style Clothing

When it comes to great looking festival clothing people always think of Glastonbury, whether its the town itself or the famous festival. Both are known for its bright and colour clothing styles. These styles are what our company are about, with fun and fresh festival clothing to brighten your day and make you feel like you. Just use the ‘shop now’ button above to view all of our fantastic online products.

Glastonbury-Style-Festival-ClothingGlastonbury Festival

Glastonbury festival has become a monster in the world of festivals. It is probably one of the worlds most know active festival. Pulling in thousands of people each active year (140,000 in 2019) and now covering an area of 1100 acres (1.7 square miles). The perimeter fence now stretches 8 miles around the site which just shows you how large this has become.

With hundreds of bands playing over the 4 day weekend across multiple stages it really is the place to be for great music and a carefree clothing experience. The market area of Glastonbury Festival is huge and offers a wide variety in clothing, instruments and food. We have found that many people like to go to festivals with new clothing instead of spend time hunting for it. We don’t really blame you when there are plenty of other things you could be doing. So here we are with a festival clothing website that covers all aspects of festival clothing for men and women.

Glastonbury TownGlastonbury-Festival-Style-Clothing

Glastonbury town is a pretty little place to visit, full of small clothing shops and vegan coffee shops. It has become a little over crowded with these kinds of shops and so there is little choice of anything else but its still a nice visit, the viking shop is .

We love taking a walk up the Tor as its a truly great view on a clear day. Just make sure to take a jacket with you as it can get a little windy on the top. With the natural springs also providing a nice little visit. Cheap parking (£2) can be found for the Tor and springs. This can be found at the Draper factory car park which is opposite both sites. Don’t forget that the beautiful remains of Glastonbury abbey can be found along with the possible (could be who knows) resting place of King Arthur. You don’t need to be a festival clothing fan to appreciate a town steeped in history dating back to the reign of the famous king Arthur.

If you love the Glastonbury festival style of clothing (bright, colourful, fun) then you’re in the right place as The Festival Clothing Company pride themselves on providing our customers with great clothing and all online from the comfort of your living room. We hope you like what you find and if you do visit Glastonbury don’t forget to visit the place we have mentioned.