We sell a large selection of Funky Threads branded clothing.
We mix a great variety of clothing from several producers, this also includes our own branded clothing.
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Funky Threads is a festival clothing brand that has become quite popular due to its take on festival fashion. Using unique embroidery designs, bright and colourful dying techniques and comfortable designs means that people can look individual and feel great all in one go.

What is Funky Threads?funky threads

We have stocked Funky Threads since they first started. They really came into their own a few years ago when Ashish (the owner of Funky Threads) decided to create his own clothing brand. Previously he had worked closely with his uncle who had been creating festival clothing over in Germany for many years. The funky Threads brand has grown in leaps and bounds as Ash adds his flare for festival clothing design into the new items that are produced to keep festival goers happy all year around.

Funky Threads Trousers and TopsWhen the Funky Threads brand was created it took off quickly as it speaks of quality festival fashion which is unique and stands out against other brands. It is a well loved name throughout the community of festival goers throughout the UK.

Working closely with the producers throughout Nepal, India and Thailand means that clothing production can be monitored and made in a safe happy environment. Although Funky Threads is not a registered fair trade producer the items that are produced are done so in the spirit of fair trade. This means no child labour, good working conditions, and a reasonable rate of pay. When orders are placed a large amount of the invoice is paid up front so producers can order material and gather supplies, this is a great way to make sure these small producers are supported.

So whether you are off to a festival, popping off on holiday or just love wearing this clothing all year around, you can be sure that we will always stock a great supply of clothing that will keep you happy and comfortable.