When it comes to funky festival clothes we like to think we have you covered with our great range of festival favourites for men and women.
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funky festival clothes Funky Festival Clothes

Its got to be said that wearing a piece of funky clothing will really set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Life is just too short to wear the same old threads as everyone else and so here is our great range of festival clothing. Our wee company was born to help you on your way to unique funkieness (yes that is a word). With bright colours, bold patterns, fun and funky styles you will never be short of something funky to wear at your next festival or as part of your everyday life.

funky festival clothesWhats it all about?

So you want to know if we are all talk or if we can really funk up your wardrobe. Of course we can. We have been at the forefront of festival fashion for many years and so you are sure to find the freshest, brightest and funkiest clothing around. With an excellent choice for men, women and your little festival goers. We offer a chance to shed the normal clothes you wear from 9 to 5 and slip into something that will make you smile, keep you comfortable and give you a funky look. You never know you might just find that you never want to take these clothes off as they feel so great.

What do we have?funky festival clothes

Well that’s an opened ended question but here goes. We pretty much cover everything from top to bottom or I should say from head to toe. With a great range of hats, tops and trousers as well as nice warm wool socks for the winter season. You can find whole outfits to make yourself festival ready. As we work with producers who hand make items (not mass produced in big factories) you will find that our clothing is generally unique just like you are.

So take a look through our fantastic online clothes shop and grab yourself something fun and funky today.