Welcome to The Festival Clothing Company, the home of festival wear for men and women.
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Festival Wear

Our festival wear is unique, fun, funky and helps people express themselves. Festival wear has become quite popular among people who like to shed their normal clothes as they make their way to festivals across the UK.

Festivals have become a real escapism for many people both young and old. Festiavl-Wear-Festival-HatThe reason is simple, at a festival you don’t have to be anything you don’t want to be. From the time you enter through those gates you can forget about work and the mundane buzz of everyday life and live a little more freely. I say ‘a little more freely’ as we all must still abide by the law and make sure we treat each other with respect. But the major point is there is no work and lots of fun in the form of live entertainment everyday, from bands to stand up comedians. Living in a tent for a few days is quite freeing and certainly takes us back to the most basic of human needs and wants.

What is Festival Wear all About?

Festival-Wear-Festival-TopThis style of clothing is often bright, colourful and damn comfortable to wear. Leave your tight trousers at home and get into something that will leave you feeling comfy. When you’re at home you don’t sit around in skin tight trousers as its damn uncomfortable so when you pop to a festival to let loose why wouldn’t you want to slip into something that makes you feel comfy and relax?

At the end of the day we are all unique and so we all have different views on what constitutes comfy clothing but festival wear has to be right up there at the top of the list. From flowing skirts to baggy trousers, airy tops to cotton hoodies we have a great collection of festival clothing that is sure to make you feel great, look great and stand out in the crowd as someone who likes to have a good time.