The Festival Clothing Company have a great range of festival pants to help brighten up your festival season. From the wonderful and very funky harem pants to the the perfectly comfortable cargo pants.

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festival pantsFestival pants are a must

When it comes to getting your festival outfit right you need to make sure you have the right pants for the job.  Thankfully you’ve come to the right place! Our fantastic range of bright, colourful and unique festival pants are just perfect for anyone who is looking to jazz up their outfit.

You want to make sure you are wearing not only great looking clothing but also clothing that feels comfortable and gives you confidence when winding your way around your next festival.

What styles do you have?festival pants

As we specialise in festival clothing our range of festival pants is extensive and so offers our customers a great choice in styles, sizes and colours.

Take for example our range of patchwork trousers; every single pair that is hand produced is unique and so we take the time to photograph each and every item individually. This means our customers can select the exact colour combination that suits them. To make sure that we can offer the best range to our customers we not only photograph these garments individually but we also make sure we offer a wide selection of sizes. Our patchwork pants are very popular due to the fact they offer our customers the chance to own a really unique piece of comfortable clothing.

harem-festival-pantsHarem pants are super popular especially amongst the ladies (men also love these items). The style is quite classic and certainly one that reminds people of travels to India and the Far East. With the baggy crouch area which is actually produced to so the pants actually resemble a skirt. The original idea of these trousers was so that women could wear trousers (it was not the done thing back in the day) but have the look of a skirt. Now this style is embraced by men and women throughout the world and loved during the festival season.

Our range of cargo trousers are very popular with both sexes. They are very comfortable to wear, offering a simple yet stylish choice for anybody wanting to hit the festival scene with a light weight and airy pair of bottoms.

Leggings have become very popular recently. This has happened in part to the fact that they are comfortable to wear, fit a wide range of sizes and are very light weight. Of course we couldn’t just sell normal boring plain leggings so we pushed the boundaries and went into tie dye. These wonderful pants are just perfect for anyone wanting to add a splash of colour to their outfit.

Our clothing

At the end of the day festival clothing is about making sure you are happy in yourself. Your clothing should help you express who you are. This means when you choose your clothing make sure you select the styles and colours that make you feel great. You can be sure that the designs we offer will not only make you happy with the look they provide but also provide you with a comfortable piece of clothing.