When it comes to festival jackets The Festival Clothing Company have you sorted.
We have a wide range of festival jackets for men and women.

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Festival Jackets

Festival-JacketsWhen you think of a festival jacket you think of something that is fun and funky. You want something that stands out in the crowd and something that is going to be comfy to wear. When you are thinking of a festival jacket you are thinking you want something that is going to be unique, something that other people aren’t going to have seen before. Well we have to say that this is the kind of clothing that we love. We have built our business on creating and selling funky festival clothing that looks and feels great. For use this isn’t just a business this is our life style and we can’t get enough of it.

Cotton Jackets

Probably the most popular jacket material is cotton. Cotton is probably one of the widest used materials and for Festival-Jacketsgood reason. Its a tough material that can be turned into all kinds of clothing. This material is so versatile as you can create so many different weaves from thick weave used in heavy warmer clothing items to a thinner type material which is used for more summer inspired items like shorts and shirts. Our range of jackets relies heavily on cotton as it gives our customers a better choice of styles. From our stretchy embroidery hooded jackets which are all created to be unique with finishing touches like embroidery flowers, mushrooms and other funky artwork. To our thicker lined jackets which come with interesting felt details or hand printed artwork.

Acrylic Jackets

acrylic-festival-jacketsAcrylic is a great material when it comes to warm jackets. This man made material can be turned into any item of clothing but suits jackets particularly well due to it’s thermal properties. The material often resembles a blanket type material and so has a warm and cosy feel to it. People tend to like this kind of festival jacket because it is so comforting. So if you love warm soft feel blankets then you are sure going to like these acrylic jackets.

Woollen JacketsWoollen-Jackets

Lets not forget the wonderful natural material that is wool. This material has been in use for a long time and is still one of the best materials for producing winter clothing. Produced using New Zealand lambs wool our range of woollen jackets make the perfect winter coat. We have found that as long as you wear a couple of layers under your wool jackets you have no need to wear a coat as the wool helps keep you nice and warm.

Lined Jackets

If you really want a warm festival jacket then you need to grab yourself a lined one. In particular fleece lining is the best for helping you stay warm. Made using a polar fleece lining which elevates the jacket from simply being stylish to something much more you’re sure to stay warm in one of these. Don’t discount the cotton lined versions as they are fantastic during slightly warmer months and provide a nice layer during warm festival evening strolls.

It doesn’t matter what festival you are off to this year, at some point you’re going to need to pop on a jacket. Especially if you plan on spending the evening sitting by the stone circle in Glastonbury or walking your way around the massive campsite as Reading festival. With a festival jacket as your friend you’re sure to stay warm all night so gets yours today.