Spring is finally here, the birds are tweeting and the sun is finally shining but there is a spanner in the works. Festival clothing has taken a hit and its a strange one at that, one that will go down in the history books. We always expect festival fashion to change each year but none more so dramatic than this years latest fashion trend. Lets take a look at the what you can expect festival clothing to look like in the months ahead.

Festival Fashion Spring 2020

When it comes to the latest in festival fashion this year we have seen a real change in the kind of clothing that people are going for when it comes to venturing out and about. If someone had told me back in 2019 that the festival clothing that we know and love was going to change so much during the few months of 2020 I wouldn’t have believed them. But apparently we live in strange times that are forever changing and so we have to go with the trends.

Full Bodysuits

A couple of festival goers enjoying the festival and checking the program for the festival line up.

The bodysuit (or jump suit) has been a popular clothing item amongst women for some time but now the men can also get on board with these stylish one colour all in one suits. The full bodysuit is the big brother to the more commonly found leotard style bodysuits. These all in one full clothing items are often available in white but easy to dye in bright colours making these all in one protective body suits ideal for the concerned festival goer.

When it comes to accessorising we would recommend a face mask, latex gloves and wellington boots as this really adds a unique look that will really say ‘I don’t want to catch what you’ve got mate’. Thankfully these wonderful items of clothing come with a nice hood that not only looks great but will protect you from the rain and sun.

Face Masks

This gentleman is sporting a stylish festival face mask

For people who just can’t pull off the all in one bodysuit then the next best thing is the stylish and not greatly effective face mask. There are many styles on the market but sustainability is a big thing within the festival world and so we would recommend the popular and durable reusable face mask as this is better for the environment.  With changeable filters, stylish rubber design and adjustable straps these reusable face masks are definitely better than the throw away versions.

When it comes to accessorising we would recommend a fun and funky festival hat as well as a funky jacket or bright and colourful shirt. This will really highlight the mask and bring it into the whole festival outfit. Taking your own stainless steel straw would be a recommendation so you can still enjoy your festival drinks without removing your mask fully.

During this time of uncertainty its great to know that festival fashion is still at the forefront when it comes to new fashion trends.

On a serious note, stay safe guys and keep positive, this’ll blow over soon and we’ll be able to kick back and enjoy ourselves once more.