Festival Clothing for Beach Holidays


Festival clothing can be worn all year round especially during the summer and especially on the beach. As spring is getting nearer more people look to getting away to enjoy a nice warm beach holiday. This means this time of year is the perfect time to take a look at your holiday wardrobe. From shorts and skirts to thin tops and blouses. We take a look at the best festival clothing for beach holidays.

Men’s Beach Wear

When it comes to getting away nothing gets us Brits more excited than a nice beach holiday and thankfully for you guys taking that festival look wherever you go has never been easier with funky festival clothes that are perfect for keeping cool and looking tip top.

Shorts hold the answer


At the top of any mans beach holiday list (after sun glasses) would be shorts. It doesn’t matter whether you have bright white bean poles for legs (like me), its hot and sunny and you don’t want to be sitting around in trousers no matter how thin they are. You want a pair of festival shorts that not only let you keep cool but look great as well. With a great selection of cotton and rayon shorts you have a choice to make. Cotton is natural and is great for letting your body breath, it tends to be slightly heavier than rayon but offers more styles. Rayon is a lightweight material and so means its great for hot locations.

Light and Airy Top


You’ll want to make sure you have a nice airy top for when you need to cover up. Tops that are too tight are not ideal when on the beach, they cling to your body stopping the air circulating between the garment and your skin. The popular dashiki shirts are perfect for not only looking the part but also for providing a nice cooling effect due to the loose fitting. Any festival clothing that is loose will be perfect for the job including our range of short sleeve button shirts.

Don’t forget your Hat Guys

Whether you’re a baldy like me or have a full head of hair, sitting in the sun all day is not going to do your bonce any good. Get yourself a funky festival hat and forget about worrying about the sun burning a hole in your skull. Lack of water combined with sitting in the hot sun tends to lead to sun stroke. It might sound like a innocent warming cuddle but if you’ve had sun stroke you’ll know its not the best. Pop a hat on your head and some sun tan lotion on your skin and you’re already on your way to preventing being knocked for six, just make sure you fill up on water.

Women’s Beach Wear

You ladies love to dress to impress and when hitting the beach there is no exception. If you love the festival clothing style then you’ll be happy to know there are lots of options when soaking in the sun.

Cover your head

festival-beach-hatStarting from the top we think it’s always best to pop a hat on when you visit the beach. Protecting your head from the suns harmful ray will mean you’ll have a much better time and will look great in the process. Sun hats come in all shapes and sizes with wide brim versions made to help keep the sun off your face and smaller brim hats made for the sole purpose of keeping the sun from the top of your head. Whatever you decide to go for make sure it looks great and feels comfortable.

Keep your Upper Body Cool

When it comes to tops you certainly don’t want anything that is too restricting, this is why loose fitting clothing is Short-Dashiki-Festival-Dress-Redalways the best. Loose fitting tops means air can get between you and the garment and so help circulate the air, this results in you being a little cooler. If you are looking to cover up then kaftans are just the best idea for the beach, they come in short or long versions and and nice and airy. If you don’t want to cover up to that extent then a dress would work wonders, for example our wonderful dashiki style dresses are light and airy and perfect for wearing on the beach.

A Sarong goes a Long Way



Of course the ever popular sarong is a must for any gal. These simple rectangle pieces of thin material can be worn so many ways, from a simple tie around the waist to more complex around the neck which creates a dress effect. As they are a thin light weight material they are perfect for covering up but keeping cool.

Skirts are a Great Choice

If you want to find a cocktail or get an ice cream but want to wear a little something to cover up your bikini bottoms then a short skirt is a good way to go. With easy slip on elasticated waists or tie wrap skirts you’ll be able to slip into your outfit without messing around. With a great selection of short skirts from light and airy to slightly heavier you’ll find a great choice.

Festival clothing is well known for its fun styles and colourful designs. Couple this with the light weight summer collection and you have perfect beach wear. It really doesn’t matter where you spend your holidays this year as festival clothing is a great choice for maintaining your style and having fun. Enjoy wherever you end up. Peace.