Festival Closures 2020

Yep that’s right this year is going to be a sad year for festivals

2020 started off with the hope of being the year to get things back on track for a lot of people. With the last few years for some at least being a bit of a bitch 2020 was going to realign everything and set things in order. Oh how very wrong we all were. From out of the blue the whole world is facing something that it hasn’t had to deal with in our life time.
That’s right no festivals this year. I joke of course, COVID19 has hit and it’s hit hard both health wise and financially. No this catchy name isn’t a re-branding by the popular alcoholic drinks company (people seem to think the beer is in some way liked to the virus, how dumb have you got to be?). No this virus is not just shutting down our respiratory systems but it’s shutting down our everyday lives and for the foreseeable future this includes festivals.

The start of 2020

When the news first broke back in January that there was a possible issue and that this virus could get out of control no one thought it would get as far as it has. Festivals and other large events were keeping their ear to the ground and waiting to hear what would happen with many people believing this would all blow over sooner rather than later but, this virus was underestimated.

As the year had progressed closer to festival season and no end is in sight for killing off this virus, more and more festivals started to see that to protect their customers as well as help shore up the NHS they had to make the hard decisions and cancel this years festivals.

Festival Closures

With many festivals still showing their countdowns on their websites some have started to make the tough decision to cancel this years event.

-Probably the most anticipated festival of 2020 was Glastonbury as it was celebrating its 50th year. Glastonbury is the highlight of the festival calendar as the biggest greenfield festival in the UK. The bands might not always be to everyone’s liking but the atmosphere is fantastic and there is so much more to the festival besides the music. With all kinds of entertainment from jugglers to comedians, also don’t forget the wonderful healing fields.  Glastonbury will be surely missed this year but I guess it means next year will be even better.

-The Isle of Wight festival is the latest large festival to throw the towel due to government advice on social distancing which has been ramped up this week. The Isle of Wight Festival have announced today that the festival will not go ahead this year and that they will be back stronger than ever in 2021.

-Download festival is the rockers festival of choice and is now the latest casualty in the ongoing issues surrounding the coronavirus. Unfortunately this sort after rock event will not be happening in 2020 but will be going ahead on 4th – 6th June 2021. Ticket holders can either keep there tickets for next year or receive a full refund.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before other festivals will join in and start to cancel events as we move ever closer to show time.

Support for our NHS

Of course we completely support the closure of festivals throughout the UK at this time as we support the wonderful job the NHS are doing. Any help that the general public can give to ease the pressure on the system must be used as this will directly help save lives.

We are still here

Me and nici are still working hard to get you your favourite festival clothing so even though you might not make it to your festival this year there is now reason you still can’t wear the clothing and look great in the process.

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