Fair Trade

At the heart of The Festival Clothing Company is the ethos of producing fair trade clothing. To fulfil this aim we work closely with our suppliers who in turn work closely with the producers in the country of origin. The suppliers that we work with have worked with the these producers for many years with some knowing them for over 30 years. Friendships evolve and turn away from just basic business relationships as real friendships blossom. This leads to being invited to family events as well as taking holidays with each other, this is much more than a business for many of these people but a way of life. This produces a good working relationship as well as a long lasting friendship.  We ourselves have worked with our suppliers for nearly 10 years (as of 2019) and count many as our friends.

So whats Fair Trade all About?

Because our suppliers have worked so closely with the producers they are able to monitor and talk through the Fair-trade-clothingworking environment, as well as making sure the employees are happy and that everyone is being paid a fair wage for the work carried out. Naturally safety is also important and so several site visits are made a year to make sure all is in order. In most cases at least 50% of the cost of production is paid in advance so the producer is not left out of pocket and is able to pay their staff. Also factories are checked to make sure that child labour is not involved. Many of our gift items are produced in small rural villages instead of larger factories, this results in a different way of working with families working closely together or whole villages coming together to produce items, this leads to children taking an interest in the family business from an early age where if they like they can be taught the village/family trade for when they are old enough to really get involved.


By working closely with our suppliers we are able to keep track of how items are produced. As mentioned we have worked with these suppliers for many years now and have great faith in the work that they do, we are friends as well as business associates which means we actually talk to these people. Communication is a big part of our business as we like to create friendships, this in turn creates better working environments and means that we are able to make sure things are as they should be. As we all believe in the production of fair trade clothing this means that we are able to keep track of how things are produced and make sure we provide the best in fair trade festival clothing, hopefully for many more years to come.