Download Festival 2019 – Day Tickets Coming Soon

Download Festival 2019 - Day Tickets Coming Soon

Wohoo! For those of you who can’t make it for the full weekend the news has just dropped that for the Download festival 2019 – day tickets are coming soon. This is awesome news. I always find it so gutting when you realise that you can’t attend a festival for the full time. Thankfully though most places, although not all, will offer day tickets. I am so very glad that Download is one of those fabulous festivals! Bring it on!!!

So, when will they be released I can hear you screaming at me??? Well, general release will be on Wednesday the 27th of March. The timings were uncertain to start with however it has been confirmed that they will go on sale at 10am.

If you are a late riser I would set an alarm folks as you don’t want to miss this. I can only imagine that they will sell out pretty quickly. Just make sure that you save two Sunday tickets for us here at The Festival Clothing Company please as if I miss Tool I will have the biggest paddy and will cry. No matter where in the world you are I am sure that you will hear me. I need to see them that much!!!
Click here to be taken to the Download website.

What day will you choose?

It is a hard decision to make as they are all amazing! Just to recap for you;
sees Def Leppard Headling
Saturday sees Slipknot headling and then,
The best day of all Sunday sees the amazing Tool

No matter what day you choose, it will be epic!

Now, I appreciate that most of you hard rockers out there don’t always tend to wear the brightest of festival clothing however (we are known for our bright clothing), we have a fantastic range of ponchos that will help to keep you warm in the evenings as well as other great looking hoodies. I am suggesting the evenings as the mosh pits will keep you warm enough in the day. So whether a regular all round rocker, a new festival goer or a someone who just loves the music without all the rocker clothes we might have something for you.

Rock on!!!