Its business as usual for us.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation, not only in this country but around the world and each day seems to bring new unforeseen challenges and developments.

The Festival Clothing Company is a family run company which is run by the two of us (me and my wife). Together we run the company and take care of everything from the website to packing and shipping your items. As it’s just little old us (don’t tell Nici I said we are old) and no one else involved you’ll be happy to know that one of us is still here which means your items are still being shipped Tuesday – Friday*. Happy days.

Special Delivery Guarantee by 1pm and 9am

The Royal Mail are still posting these items but due to the disruption are not guaranteeing the items to be delivered by the normal 1pm or 9am times.
-Special next day delivery normally delivered next day by 1pm but now guaranteed by 9pm
-Special next day 9am delivery normally delivered next day by 9am but now guaranteed by 12pm (midday)

Shipping times for normal mail

The Royal Mail are delivering as normal but due to a reduced work force some items may take longer than normal to arrive at their destinations.

Stay Safe

Make sure you’re following the social distancing rules and keep yourself and others safe during this trying time. Hopefully we can stop this thing in it’s tracks.

*International Countries where Services have been suspended

Due to no available transport links there are some of our usual shipping destinations we are unable to send items to, they are currently:

-We are currently shipping to all our normal shipping locations.

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