Children’s festival clothing has never looked better. With a great range of children’s festival clothing perfect for your little ones.
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When it comes to great festival clothing we think that your children are just as important as you adults. So we have started a range that is suitable for the little ones in your life.

Children’s Festival Clothing

childrens-Festival-ClothingChildren love to dress up and are very acceptable to new styles, it seems that parents also love to dress their children in the festival style clothing as the little guys look awesome in this style.

Many children like bright colours and comfortable fitting clothing. Well the festival clothing style offers these great benefits and more. This style delves into bright and colourful clothing that mimics the adult styles closely to create the same great clothes but in miniature. With funky festival clothing cuts like the fabulous and very popular harem ali baba pants shrunk down to fit children’s sizes.

What sizes do you offer?

We currently offer children’s clothing starting from age 2 and going up to approximately age 8, naturally depending on how fast your child is growing they may not fit directly into the standard age groups but with our laid flat measurements you should be able to find the best fit for your children.

Can all children wear these?childrens-festival-clothing

This range of children’s festival clothing is perfect for girls and boys who like to wear fun and funky clothing. With bright bold colours and comfortable styles they are sure to enjoying their new threads. We offer a great choice in in unique handmade items and so our choice in colours is varied. This means your children can pick the very item that best suits the colours they like the most.

What kind of clothing do you offer?

At the moment our children’s clothing range is just starting to grow. This means that we have a small selection that we hope to grown on as time goes by. With a range of patchwork shirts, harem trousers, dungarees and jackets we are getting the ball rolling. We have other kids clothing styles in the pipeline and hope to have them live on the website in due course. If there is anything in particular that you are after please get in contact and we will be happy to advise.