How to Save Money at a Festival

When it comes to summer music festivals they don’t come cheap. With the cost of travel, the ticket into the festival, your basics like tent and food you’ll soon start to run up a big bill. There are ways however that you can keep your festivals spend down and enjoy your next festival on a […]

Should I wear wellies to a festival?

When it comes to festival clothing and footwear there is one item that should always be at the top of your list regardless of weather or style. That item will save you more than you could ever realise. The humble wellington boot might be linked to country living more than listening to music but you […]

Ways to Have a Green Festival

Festival season is nearly here again. Now more than ever we are aware of the effect we are having on the environment around us. Festivals are a great place to leave the trappings of your normal life behind and should be embraced but, to make sure the longevity of the festival scene is left untarnished […]

Can I wear a dress to a music festival?

Working out what you can wear to a festival can be a stressful experience. Can you wear this can you wear that? Well lets cut through the smoke screen and get straight to the nitty gritty and find out if we can answer the popular question ‘Can I wear a dress to a music festival?‘.

Can you wear sandals to a festival?

When it comes to festival footwear there are a few things that should and should not be worn. You might think that a nice new pair of shoes will do the trick or a pair of sandals or flip flops area good idea, however if you wear the wrong festival footwear you might end up […]

How do you stay warm at a festival?

When it comes to festival fun the sun doesn’t shine forever. So as the sun sets and the temperature goes down you’ll want to make sure you wrap up warm in your festival clothing so the party can carry on. To give you a full idea we are going to take a look at ‘How […]

What Should I Wear To A Festival?

When it comes to festival clothing there are a few must haves like wellies and sunglasses. Otherwise the rest is down to how you feel most comfortable. If you don’t have a clue where to start then we’ll get you moving in the right direct by making sure you know what to wear at a […]

What Ways are There to Camp at a Festival?

As festival season rolls around you’re probably wondering what ways are there for me to camp at this years festivals. Camping at a festival is one of those unavoidable things that you just have to embrace whether you like it or not. It can be a great way to mix with new people, catch up […]

How Do I Decorate My Tent For A Festival?

When it comes to camping at a festival you’ll find that many of the tents look the same. Yes you might find the odd one that has it’s own unique design but in many cases tents tent to come in a very few colours that often revolve around green, blue, grey, orange and yellow. With […]

How can I make my camping at a festival comfortable?

  We love a good festival here in the UK, with more festivals popping up every year there really is something for everyone. With camping being such a big part of the festival experience you really need to get it right. If you nail it you can have a cracking time however if you make […]

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