5 Items of Clothing Men should take to a Festival

When it comes to festival time men tend to travel quite lightly with more care over what alcohol they intend to take then the kind of clothing they might need or want during the festival. Well when it comes to festival clothing there are a few essentials that us men should take with us.

What should guys wear to a festival?

When it comes picking your next festival clothing outfit us guys can have just as much choice as the ladies but unlike the ladies we tend to like to keep things simple. Sometimes we might get bogged down with over thinking about our next outfit but, you really don’t need to think too hard when […]

Should I Wear Long Sleeves, Short Sleeves or No Sleeves to a Festival?

When it comes to festival time the choice of festival clothing is immense. There are so many possibilities to choose from that you might just get a little overwhelmed. One of the biggest things to think about is what kind of top to wear and should you consider long sleeves, short sleeves or just go […]

Can you sleep in your car at a Festival?

When it comes to getting a good nights sleep at a festival the idea of sleeping in your car comes to mind. With soft comfortable seats that can be reclined and heating that can be turned on if required at first it sounds like a grand idea. I mean your car is just sitting in […]

Wool or Cotton Jackets, What are Better?

When it comes to selecting your next festival jacket you’ll want to think about the material used in the construction of the jacket. Choosing the right jacket for the right occasion means the difference between being too warm or too hot. But this isn’t the only thing to consider. Lets take a look at whether […]

What’s the Biggest Festival in the UK?

Music festivals have become big business here in the UK with hundreds of events held from early spring to late summer. These festivals range in size from small village events held on the village green up to the biggest green field festival in the UK which is held on a site measuring 1.7 square miles. […]

Why You Need a Poncho at a Festival

When it comes to festival clothing the festival poncho is one piece of clothing that should be in everyone’s festival clothing kit. This versatile piece of clothing is perfect for people who like camping, sitting around camp fires or walking around festivals late at night. Lets take a look at Why You Need a Poncho […]

What is a festival shirt?

When it comes to festival clothing a festival shirt should be one of those things every gent has in their clothing bag. A festival shirt isn’t just a normal everyday boring shirt. No, a festival shirt is something a little more exciting as it adds colour, looks great and really makes you standout at a […]

How to Save Money at a Festival

When it comes to summer music festivals they don’t come cheap. With the cost of travel, the ticket into the festival, your basics like tent and food you’ll soon start to run up a big bill. There are ways however that you can keep your festivals spend down and enjoy your next festival on a […]

Should I wear wellies to a festival?

When it comes to festival clothing and footwear there is one item that should always be at the top of your list regardless of weather or style. That item will save you more than you could ever realise. The humble wellington boot might be linked to country living more than listening to music but you […]