Can you wear sandals to a festival?
When it comes to festival footwear there are a few things that should and should not be worn. You might think that a nice new pair of shoes will do the trick or a pair of sandals or flip flops area good idea, however if you wear the wrong festival footwear you might end up regretting it.  So can you wear sandals to a festival?

Can you wear sandals to a festival?

You absolutely can but I wouldn’t. When it comes to festival clothing we often say that you really can wear whatever you like. You shouldn’t panda to other peoples fashion. Festivals are a great place to express yourself in whatever way you desire, this is why you often find people wearing things they don’t always wear. However when it comes to footwear you really should think twice before dusting off those Jesus creeper sandals or beach flip flops.


Sandals at a Festival

Sandals or their cheap cousin the flip flop is a big no no when it comes to festival footwear. Hear us out before you start complaining we don’t have a clue what we are talking about. First off we know that in the right circumstances both flip flops and sandals are great but, festivals are a little different to slowly walking on  a beach.

Sandals might be really comfortable for beach holidays or summers days walking around the park but, being at a festival involves miles of walking often across rough ground. There is quite often wet or muddy patches and lets not even mention the state of those festival toilets.

Going to get dirty

Sandals are often worn bare foot, which is the best way to wear them but, your feet are going to get ruined (covered in mud, possibly urine). Even if you were one of those odd bods that wears socks with your sandals then you’re only going to absorb the aforementioned moistness and then have to throw your socks in a bio hazard bin and wash your feet in bleach.

Sore feet

The wetness of the festival ground isn’t the worst thing about donning your sandals. In most cases they are just not made to offer your feet the correct support for a long days walking and standing in fields. By the end of the first day you’re poor feet will be begging you to take an axe to them. Unfortunately the first aid tent doesn’t tend to stock any axes so you’ll just have to spent the next few days moaning about the fact you should have worn proper shoes.


So you want to walk around a busy festival wearing sandals. Are you mad? There are so many people at festivals and when you are tightly pushed together its no surprise your feet are going to be stood on. It’s never that petite young lady that stands on your toes, it’s always the big beer swilling bloke who looks like a rock version of Santa Claus. It’s going to hurt when he stomps on your exposed toes so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What Should I Wear Instead of Sandals?

Do yourself a favour and don’t wear sandals or flip flops to a festival, you might think they are a great idea to start with but you’ll soon regret you’re decision. Keep open toes for the beach, beach holidays or warm days out and about your local park.

When it comes to festival footwear you want to choose something that will protect your feet but also give you support. Sore feet can really put a downer on your festival so pick a shoe that gives you good support and will still be nice and comfortable when worn for long periods. Flat shoes are perfect with walking boots/shoes or well made wellies being at the top of the list. Steer well clear of high heels as they are not right for wearing around a festival.


Wear Worn in Shoes

What ever you do, don’t wear new shoes for the first time at the festival.
Plan what you’re going to wear on your feet well before you make your way to the festival. If you want to purchase some new shoes just for the festival then do so well in advance. This means you can test them and wear them in a few weeks before the event. Do this until you are satisfied they are nice and comfy. A festival is not the right place to wear in your new shoes. Only pain and misery will come from wearing in new shoes at a festival. If your new shoes don’t fit quite right you’re going to be in a lot of pain, rubbing shoes cause blisters and this can lead to you limping instead of dancing around the festival site.

Festival clothing should be fun as well as comfortable. But when it comes to choosing the right footwear don’t choose style over substance otherwise you’ll end up regretting it. Always make sure you find a pair of shoes that feel great to wear for long periods and then you can always jazz them up with decorations to really make them stand out.