Can you wear jeans to a festival?
When it comes to picking the right kind of clothing to wear to your next festival one of the big questions that comes up is ‘Can you wear jeans to a festival?‘. The simple answer is ‘yes of course you can’ but would you and if you did what would you wear with them?

Can you wear jeans to a festival?

There are absolutely no hard and fast rules for what you can or can’t wear to a festival. There might be some things you probably shouldn’t wear (mankini being at the top of that list) but at the end of the day you wear what you feel comfortable in.

For men and women alike jeans are a big yes when it comes to hitting the festival scene, whether its denim trousers, shorts or skirts the material is very versatile and so can be matched with pretty much anything. Denim jean material is hard wearing, long lasting and comes in many different colours and sizes which makes it perfect for festival life, with good pockets and a zipper fly for the gents they are the perfect choice. They are perfect for men and women of all ages.

Where did jeans come from?

Jeans have been around for a hell of a long time. In 1871 Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co invented the first pair of jean trousers.  Jacob (a tailor) was asked to make a sturdy pair of trousers for one of his customers. Using the tough denim material acquired from Levi and copper rivets to add extra strength the jeans were born.

man wearing jeans - festival clothing

Jeans have come along way since their first inception nearly 150 years ago but one thing is for sure they are still as popular as ever. With various styles, cuts and colours these clothing workhorses are perfect for festival life.

Like the first pair of jeans festival clothing has also come a long way since they first hit the clothing racks but they are still as popular as ever.

What goes with Jeans

The Great thing about jeans is the simple fact they can go with anything and everything. Throw on a blouse or shirt and it works, grab a poncho or a hoodie and you look great. From trousers to shorts jeans are one of those clothing items that you can throw on and not really think to hard about. That’s why jeans of all kinds are still so widely worn.

Jean Trousers and Top

The classic pair of jeans is worn throughout the world. They go with anything and everything and look particularly good at a festival with simple t-shirt, blouse or hoodie. They are can be tucked into a pair of wellies nice and easily and look great in the classic stone wash blue colour although other colours are popular with some people. A nice funky tie dye top for the guys or a flowing top for the women.


Jean Shorts with Hoodie or Vest Top

I have to say jean shorts are a great addition to any festival goers kit. Whether you stick to a simple plain pair or go a little out there and look into tie dye. Jean shorts go really well with hoodies like the Mexican Jerga hoodie, or with a simple vest top or shirt. Alternatively men can throw on a funky short sleeve festival top and women could grab a crop top.


Jeans really are so very easy when it comes to creating an outfit. We would recommend keeping the jeans nice and simple and then really going with some nice bright and colourful clothing on top to really make the outfit pop. Throw a hat on your head to keep the sun away or settle for a pair of sunglasses and you’ve got the perfect look.