Glastonbury festival is one of the longest standing festivals in the UK with thousands of people descending onto the Somerset village of Shepton mallet every year (unless on a festival break year). It’s probably the most well known festival and to this day is the only major festival where you can take your own alcohol into the festival (arena as well as campsite).

Take beer but don’t take glass like this lot or you’ll have it taken off you at the gate.

Can you bring alcohol into Glastonbury?

We are so lucky with Glastonbury festival. With many other festivals the arena area is fenced off from the camping. This means that if you attend festivals like Reading or Download you’ll be able to take alcohol into the camping area but that’s where it ends. In this situation if you fancy a drink when your watching the bands then you’ll be faced with over priced generic beer.

The great news is Glastonbury has no fence around the stage areas which means once your alcohol is onsite through the main gate you can take it wherever you please.

There are still some basic rules to follow:

1. No glass bottles

If you want to take spirits into Glastonbury you’ll have to transfer them into plastic or metal bottles. We would recommend buying some nice reusable bottles that you can take home with you once you leave the festival.

2. Don’t over do it

If you decide to bring enough alcohol to sink a battleship then you’re only going to have it taken off of you. Years ago large amounts of people used to smuggle large quantities of booze onto the site and then sell it. Michael doesn’t want this going on and so if they think you have too much you’ll lose it. The words they use are ‘amounts considered beyond reasonable personal use will be confiscated at the gate’. Be sensible with the amount you take and you’ll be fine. Michael understands that people like a drink and not everyone wants to pay the bar prices it’s great he still lets this happen and doesn’t ram over priced beer down our throats, so enjoy.

What does ‘beyond reasonable personal use’ mean?

It’s hard to put an exact amount when it comes to this woolly phrase so you’ve really got to use your noggin. Now when it comes to festivals I like a good drink. But if you look at your alcohol supply and think it looks like you’re going to set up your own bar then I’d probably scale it back a bit. At the end of the day you’re still going to need to get the stuff to your campsite anyway. Of course if you have driven to the site you can leave surplus supplies in the car and retrieve at a later date. Just remember that anything left in your cars is left at your own risk.

I’m Going to Buy Alcohol at the Festival

There are some great bars spread throughout Glastonbury festival but expect to pay London bar prices. One of the most iconic sights is the Somerset Cider Bus which has been a major part of Glastonbury for the last 30 years where they have been selling Burrow Hill Cider all that time. With many bars situated around the site like ‘Tricketts’ which serves ales and wines, the ‘Elephant Bar’ serving up a range of World Craft and European Beers, and ‘The Open Arms’ serving cocktails, mocktails and ales just to name a few.

Drink water

I don’t want to sound like an old nag but don’t forget guys that alcohol alone will not see you through the festival. I’m sure some of you feel invincible but too much booze and sunshine could end up with a trip to the first aid tent, drink sensibly and stay hydrated by using the many free water points found around the festival.

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