Working out what you can wear to a festival can be a stressful experience. Can you wear this can you wear that? Well lets cut through the smoke screen and get straight to the nitty gritty and find out if we can answer the popular question ‘Can I wear a dress to a music festival?‘.

Can I wear a dress to a music festival?

Can-I-wear-a-dress-to-a-music-festivalFestivals are a great place to hangout with your friends. As British summer time starts to heat up there is nothing better then hitting an open air music festival and soaking in the rays with a drink in hand and your favourite band playing on stage. When your in the sun you want to feel cool and comfortable and nothing helps this more than a nice summer festival dress. So ‘Can I wear a dress to a music festival?’. We say of course you can wear a dress to a music festival.

What style of dress?

We would not recommend long dresses that drag along the ground. Although this style looks great just think what will happen if the heavens open and the festival turns into a mud bath. Suddenly your long dress is dragging half a ton of mud, cow poo and human pee along in its wake (sorry but it’s true). Better to stick to a dress that is no longer than just below the knees. Keeping the material to a light weight material will mean if the dress does get wet it will dry quickly.  We say stick with a dress that is comfortable to wear, a dress that is nice and airy and not too heavy or clingy so the air can circulate and keep you cool.

Benefits to Wearing a Dress

Now you know what kind of dress to wear you’ll want to know what the benefits are of wearing a dress to a festival.

Light and Airy

A summer dress is a great choice for a festival when you know the sun is likely to be shining. Summer dresses are made from a light weight material. Rayon or thin cotton is a popular choice as its nice and light and  so perfect for summer days.  This kind of dress is perfect for packing into a bag as they can be rolled up nice and small which means it takes up only a small amount of room in your festival clothing bag. If the suns going to shine you don’t want to be wearing clothing that clings to your body, an airy dress will provide you with a layer of air between you and the garment which will work wonders when it comes to keeping you cool.

Great StyleCan-I-wear-a-dress-to-a-music-festival-beach

There is nothing more quintessential then wearing a summer dress at a British festival. Glass of Pimms in hand and a nice flowing dress means you can enjoy the summer sun feeling cool and looking ace. With so many great looking styles and patterns you’ll be able to find the perfect dress that will make your festival go off without a hitch.

Goes great with Wellies

If the weather does turn wet then a dress actually looks pretty good with wellies. I wouldn’t go booking any  posh restaurants and turning up in your wellies but for a festival it works really well. Wellies have become the festival go to footwear. When the wet weather comes you’ll want to make sure whatever you’re wearing also goes with these festival savours. Thankfully dresses work really well with the festival wellie so your feet will stay dry and you’ll look great at the same time.

But What Happens When it Gets Cold?

When the hot day turns to night and the temperature drops your dress will suddenly feel like a silly idea. Don’t let the cold make you doubt your decision to wear a dress as there are a couple of simple things you can do to keep warm. Throw on a pair of trousers or thick tights and your legs are now good to go, grab a funky hoodie and away you go with your night time adventures.

Don’t Crowd Surf

So there is one draw back from wearing a dress to a festival. Crowd surfing! I’ll be honest with you, I’m at that age where i’m happy to stand out of the crowd surfing area, I’ve had my fair share of feet in the face and so I’m good with not crowd surfing. I’m also not really interested in being thrown over the heads of strangers and then being manhandled by the security guards. But if this sounds like your kind of party then crack on but, don’t be wearing a dress or we’ll all get to see whats on show. If you do plan to crowd surf and think you’ll still wear a dress then throw on a pair of shorts.

Get Your Festival Dress on

So don’t worry about whether your festival dress should be part of your clothing kit because it absolutely should. Womens festival clothing has never looked better and hopefully with our range of funky festival clothing we’ll be able to help you get ready for your festival and share with you some of our great looking dresses.