Festival Clothing for Beach Holidays

Festival Clothing for Beach Holidays Festival clothing can be worn all year round especially during the summer and especially on the beach. As spring is getting nearer more people look to getting away to enjoy a nice warm beach holiday. This means this time of year is the perfect time to take a look at […]

Where does Patchwork Originate?

Patchwork also known as pieced work is a form of needle craft that involves using smaller pieces of fabric and sewing them together to create a larger finished item. Many of our festival clothing items now use patchwork to bring them to life, but where did it all begin?

Where does the word ‘Pants’ come from?

The Festival Clothing Company thought it would delve into some interesting facts about where the word pants comes from. Hell, we do sell a wide variety of pants so we thought we’d take a deeper look into the origins of the word. The word pants in today’s society In the US the word pant refers […]

Why is Patchwork Clothing so Great?

When it comes to great looking festival clothing, patchwork designs sit at the top of the must have list. The reason is simple; patchwork clothing is fun, funky and so unique that even if you bump into someone that has the same style item as you, they will never be exactly the same. This is […]

What is Festival Clothing?

There are so many different styles of clothing out there that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s what. Festival clothing is really popular as the music festival scene here in the UK has become crammed with events that span the whole of the summer as well as mini events popping up during the […]

Latitude Festival 2019 Headliner Update

Latitude Festival 2019 Headliner Update As always, the line up for this year’s festival is a fantastic one. One which so many of us are looking forward to. Not long now though, less than 4 weeks to go. How exciting! You may or may not have heard but there has been a change to Saturday. […]

Day Visit to Download Festival 2019

With Download festival 2019 now finished we thought we would share our one day experience with you. I haven’t ventured to Castle Donington since Oz Fest in 1998 (showing my age a bit) so its been a wee while. But with Tool hitting the main stage on the Sunday it just had to be done, […]

Wearing Tie Dye To A Festival

Wearing Tie Dye To A Festival When it comes to festival clothing, tie dye is expected. No matter where you choose to go you will find it in abundance. Young or old, it really is a firm favourite. You are faced with so many options when getting your outfits packed and ready to go. Tie […]

Take a look at Festival Clothing 2019

With the spring (and so festival season) fast approaching we thought we’d take a look at festival clothing for 2019. This year festival clothing is going to be keeping you looking good in the newest and funkiest festival threads around. It’s no surprise that we are passionate about the clothing we sell. We live in […]

Download Festival 2019 – Day Tickets Coming Soon

Download Festival 2019 – Day Tickets Coming Soon Wohoo! For those of you who can’t make it for the full weekend the news has just dropped that for the Download festival 2019 – day tickets are coming soon. This is awesome news. I always find it so gutting when you realise that you can’t attend […]

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