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The Festival Clothing Company is a family run online clothing company started by myself (Simon), this is a labour of love for me as I live in festival clothing all year around, for me its unique, freeing and wonderful to wear.

How did it all begin?

Back when I was in my teenage years (mid 90’s) I started to get into music.  Music for me certainly is a link to fashion, culture and a way of life.  For others not so much but this is our ‘about us’ page so I’ll continue.

I had a family friend who worked for a company that was able to get free tickets to festivals and so one year I was approached and asked if I would like a ticket to V97, the V festival although nowadays is not my festival of choice, at the time the line up was pretty spot on, with the likes of Foo Fighters, Beck, Blur, Reef, Kula Shaker, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and so many more.

We started my first festival outing by doing what most visitors to a festival do, beer tent for a drink, mine was cider and this was to prove a little disastrous for my poorly prepared stomach (I threw up after a couple of quickly downed pints, went to sleep for an hour and carried on, I was only 15 at the time I might add and not really used to drinking).

simon festival clothing
Simon ‘Festival Clothing’ Bulman

Anyway this is about clothing and at this festival I had my first glimpse of festival clothing and fell in love with the funky out there styles and colours.  I purchased my first piece of funky festival clothing and lived in that top for over 10 years until it finally fell to pieces and ended up going to the festival clothing graveyard in the sky (rest in pieces faithful festival top).

It was this first experience of festivals and the clothes that were not to be found in any high street shop that was to change who I was as a person, I changed the way I dressed the way I approached life and really started to embrace music and the festival scene.  During my teenage years the summers were spent going from festival to festival, meeting people, finding new clothes and listening to great music but I was always frustrated that I could only pick up this clothing at festivals.

So back in 2010 and after many more festival adventures I started an online clothing company that provides festival clothing all year around. My aim was simple; get the clothing to the people all year around so people don’t have to stress themselves out by only being able to find this clothing at festivals.

My wife hopped on board a few years back and now we work together building a clothing line that we hope our customers like.

nici festival clothing
Nici ‘Festival Clothing’ Bulman

Anyway this story is true, its not a story about the search to build a clothing empire (our business is small but we love it), it’s not even the most exciting story but it is beginning of where the company came from and the roots of where it all began; a teenage boy embracing the festival scene and never really wanting to let go. Everyday we create more of the story, there have been many bumps along this road with many highs as well, and so we run our little business with as much passion as we always have and hope you feel this passion when you speak with us.

Love and peace
Simon and Nici
The Festival Clothing Co

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