5 Things You Must Take To A Festival

5 Things You Must Take To A Festival - Glastonbury Festival Birdseye ViewWhen it comes to festivals, there are so many things that we want, and need for that matter,  to take with us.
We know just how hard it can be to decide when you have limited space and are going to be living out of a tent for 3 days. We have been there and know just what it is like. This is why we want to help! To try and make the process a little easier for you, here are 5 things you must take to a festival.



1) Tent 5 Things You Must Take To A Festival - Tents

Now this this I would say is top priority for taking with you. Of the 5 things you must take to a festival, I would say this is most definitely top of the list not to be forgotten. This will be your sacred space where you can go and catch yourself a breather and catch some much needed zzzzzzzz’s. When you take a tent anywhere there are obviously other bits and pieces to take too to make your experience a little more pleasant. Things such like a ground sheet – oh yes you will need one of these for sure. If you have ever stayed on a festival campsite before you will know that the ground is not necessarily even or smooth and so you will need something to soften it up some for you. Many people will just tend to take the ground mat and of course a sleeping bag however, me being a little creature of comfort, I take a blow up bed and a duvet. I tend to go for the home feels!

Take what makes you comfortable but just be careful that you don’t end up taking the contents of your house. It can become a little cumbersome when all you want to do is start enjoying the festival but you have a whole heap of unpacking to do!

2) Toiletries

5 Things You Must Take To A Festival - Loo RollESSENTIAL…… for many personal hygiene is not a thought at festivals however, please don’t be one of these people. I know that showering is not always easy to do. They are always full or they are gross! This is the exact reason why my toiletries consist of many things. Not just because I am female, it is just good sense folks! Here are some of the bits that you may want to take with you;

Toilet roll – take this not just in your tent but carry some with you always. There will be many a time when you go to use the loos in the campsite or arena and you will find that there is zero loo roll. Eeeesh not good! Especially when, well you know……
Baby Wipes – morning and evening it is nice to have a little freshen up. When the day’s are warm and sunny and you spend the day dancing and enjoying life, the lack of showers can become apparent quite quickly.
Toothbrush and toothpaste – I don’t think I really need to tell you why?!
Tampons and sanitary towels – ladies, whether you are due or not it is better to be on the safe side as we all know that occasionally they can be a surprise.
Suntan Lotion – you will want to make sure that you take plenty of this is keep topping it up. I know we all want a tan but, do you really ant to be that pillock that is lobster red on day 1. You know what I am talking about, the person that everyone else takes the piss out of for not wearing sun screen!

3) Beer and Food

What kind of festival would it be without beer and food. There will be plenty of places outside of the campsite within the festival where you can get 5 Things You Must Take To A Festival - Disposable BBQfood and drink at all hours however, I would always advise taking your own for when you at your tent. There will be times after the last band has been and gone and the arena is closed that you will find yourself peckish and wanting a drink. Simples – take your own! You will be able to take alcohol into the campsite with you so this can make things a little cheaper for you.

Many festivals these days don’t allow fires however some do so. So before you leave check the FAQ’s and see if you can take a disposable BBQ or something with you. This way you can save yourself some pennies bu making your own food. A nice cooked brekkie to start the day is amazing! Not always convenient however which is why there will be so many food vans.
Take fresh fruit and snack bars with you and anything else yummy that will not need to be cooked.

Make sure that you take plenty of water with you. Hydration is key!

So that’s 3 of the 5 things you must take to a festival. Here are the last 2…

4) Wet Weather Gear

5 Things You Must Take To A Festival - Wellington BootsIf you are very lucky you will not need it but, dear god take some with you. It can be forecast for wonderful weekend however, just a little downpour can make the driest of fields into a mud pit. You don’t need to take loads with you just some wellies and a plastic poncho. Disposable of reusable it is up to you. You may look like a tit but, you will be a dry tit! You can always use them to sit on after the rain has stopped. It sill stop you getting a soggy bottom!
Take some extra socks with you too as no doubt at some stage they will get wet. When they do get rid, dry your feet and pop on a new pair. Sore feet at a festival can really put a downer on things.

5) Festival Clothing

Last but by no means least you will want to take your favourite festival clothing along with you. Things to keep you cool on the warn sunny days and then something to keep you a little warmer  5 Things You Must Take To A Festival - Festival Poncho'swhen the temperature drops in the evenings. This is where we can help you. For the ladies we have some wonderful dresses and skirts and for the gents we have some funky trousers and shorts.
T-‘s, shirts, vest tops and blouses, even dungarees – we have it all. I would highly recommend a fun and funky hat to help protect you from the sun. In the evenings try one of our beautiful ponchos to help you stay nice and warm.

The whole idea of festival clothing is so that you can wear something funky that makes you feel good. Feeling good and happy is what it is all about.

Well, there you have it – 5 things that you must take to a festival. Ok so I admit it is not quite just 5 things you must take to a festival, more like 20 but, all essentials I am sure you will agree. This is by no means an extensive list, just a little something to get you started.

Have fun and stay safe my friends.