5 Most Popular Types of Festival Trousers

5 Most Popular Types of Festival TrousersTrousers are something we all wear pretty much every day right?! Spring right through to winter there are trousers being worn every single day all throughout the world. I won’t go into figures as 1. I don’t actually have any and 2. How boring would that be?! I will tell you however that it is lots. What I can tell you though, based on what our customers tell us, are the 5 most popular types of festival trousers that we have.  Well loved and worn to death! Don’t we all love trousers that we don’t want to take off and could wear all of the time!

Our 5 most popular types of festival trousers might not necessarily be what you think and so, in no particular order, here you go;

1) Cargo Trousers 5 Most Popular Types of Festival Trousers - Cargo Trousers

Loved by everyone, however, they seem to be a firm favourite with the gents. I think this is because of all the pockets that they have. Made from quality cotton we have sooo many different colours for you to choose from each available in 5 different sizes. With a nice straight leg and an elasticated waist they are super comfortable to wear. Plain or striped depending on what you prefer we have them both. Neutral colours or something a little more out there, there is a colour for everyone. With each pair having 4 pockets, they are great for gents who like to carry lots of bits around with them.

2) Harem Pants

5 Most Popular Types of Festival TrousersThere are 2 different types of harem pants that we sell. First we have the straighter legged version which has elasticated ankles and then, there are the ali baba’s which are 5 Most Popular Types of Festival Trousers - Harem Pants Playsuitbaggier and have a low hanging crotch. We have some that are made from rayon which means that they are wonderfully cool and lightweight. And, we have others that are made from a nice soft cotton. These tend to be a little weightier and warmer. Both styles come in a wide variety of designs. All are  one size but are made with an elasticated waist. The elasticated waists mean that they are able to fit a variety of sizes.

The ali baba harem pants are a little bit different from the norm but hey, isn’t that what we all love.
Are they trousers or are they a skirt?! Pants obviously as the name gives it away however, due to the nature of the ali baba version, their nice and low baggy crotch they can also look like a skirt. Baggy and bellowing sometimes it is hard to tell. Loved by the ladies as it can look like a skirt when they don’t want to actually wear a skirt and for the gents, I have been told that it keeps their bits nice free and airy…. No comment!
Another point that the ladies love is the fact that they can be worn a s a play suit too. Just pull the waistband up above the bust and there you have yourself a comfy playsuit. Give it a try!

3) Acrylic Range

5 Most Popular Types of Festival TrousersMade from the same material as blankets, these babies are so warm and cozy. When the days start getting a little a little colder you can pop on a pair and be sure that you will be as snug as a bug in a rug! They are a great addition to any festival clothing collection to be honest and can be worn anywhere. Home, walking holiday (just picked that from the air but I found them great when walking in the Peak District) and even out to dinner. Oh and of course don’t forget they are of course awesome at your favourite festival! They come in a range of patterns and colours so that you can have more than on pair without looking like you are wearing the same clothes all of the time. They come in 2 different styles, harem and ali baba and both are equally as popular. It all depends on your tastes is suppose.
They are unisex so it means that they suit all genders.

4) Patchwork5 Top Types of Festival Trousers

We have quite a few different types of patchwork trousers. Patchwork is and always will be popular with folk who like individuality and something a little different. As a result of the love this is why we have many different types for you. Our most popular however are our Fleece lined patchwork trousers. Yep that’s right lovelies, you heard correctly, fleece lined trousers. They are absolutely divine! Not only do they look fab but they are warm and cozy too. They are made from a top quality cotton which in itself if nice and thick. Once the trousers have been made then the glorious polar fleece lining has been added. Wonderful for those chilly nights around the fire after all of the bands have finished and you are back in the campsite.

5) Baggy Cotton

5 Top Types of Festival TrousersNow these babies are just sooooo comfortable. I own several pairs and am actually wearing a pair just now! I would happily wear them all day every day however, I do love variety and well, festival clothing sure does offer that! These trousers are only style only however they come in plain colours and tie dye colours. They have an elasticated waist so that they can fit a variety of sizes and they also have elasticated ankles. I have to say that elasticated ankles are just the bees knees (yes bees do actually have knees!!) The elastic keeps the trousers legs in place and stops any drafts getting through. Makes putting on wellies super easy! They really and truly are nice and baggy which just adds to the comfort. No chance of being too tight. These may actually be our most popular types of festival trousers.


So, there you have our 5 most popular types of festival trousers.  Each and every pair can be worn by anyone. Just like us, they are not sexist. There are so many other reasons other than what I have stated as to why thy are so popular. You will know what they are however when you have a pair of your own. Wear them to a festival and you will be sure to turn heads and attract some attention. What a great way to meet new friends!