5 Items of Clothing Men should take to a Festival

When it comes to festival time men tend to travel quite lightly with more care over what alcohol they intend to take then the kind of clothing they might need or want during the festival. Well when it comes to festival clothing there are a few essentials that us men should take with us.

5 Items of Clothing Men should take to a Festival

You might be thinking that only 5 items of clothing is not enough for a whole weekend but we are just talking about items that ordinarily you might forget. If you need help in actually getting dressed then working out what kind of items you should be taking to a festival is the least of your worries.  So pop on your boxer shorts, trousers or shorts and a nice top (we kinda thought that common sense would dictate you wouldn’t forget those things) and then read on loser.

1. Hat

Taking a hat to your next festival is a big must. During the day your hat is going to help keep the beautiful summer sun from your head and thus for protect you from sun stroke. During the evening as the sun drops behind the horizon and the temperate starts to fall your hat will help keep your head warm. For you really get two for the price of one. If you want your hat to help keep you warm in the evening then select a sun hat that is made of cotton and has no holes, for example a straw hat might help with sun but will not help with keeping you warm in the evening due to the gaps.

2. Poncho

When we talk about a poncho, we are talking about a cotton or acrylic poncho that can be worn throughout the day (if slightly cooler) and certainly worn at night when the temperature drops. Ponchos can be used as blankets to sit on as well as wrapping yourself up to keep warm. These great pieces of festival clothing are perfect for using throughout the festival.

3. Hoodie

5 Items of Clothing Men should take to a Festival

The festival hoodie is by far one of the most popular pieces of festival kit. The Mexican Jerga is probably the most popular and comes with a front kangaroo pocket and hood. A hoodie is popular at festivals because like the hat mentioned above comes with multiple uses. During the day time a light weight hoodie can be great for wearing and using as sun protection. During the colder hours of the evening a hoodie can be used to help keep you warm. Every man should have one of these in his festival clothing kit.

4. Waterproof Jacket

No festival goer wants to admit that their much loved festival could run the risk of turning into a deluge. But we live in the UK and lets face it even though we have some beautiful summers we also get those odd days when the rain just falls and some times for days in a row. Pack a lightweight rain jacket that can be folded away and taken out when needed. There really is nothing worse then walking around a festival dripping wet so pack one of these jackets.

5. Wellies

5 Items of Clothing Men should take to a Festival

Yep do not forget your wellies. When it comes to festival fashion foot wear is very important. A comfortable pair of wellington boots will be your best friend. If it rains then your thank me for telling you to take these with you. If it doesn’t then you might whine a bit about dragging them to the festival but at least you had them just in case it  belted it down. Lets face it wet feet suck so take your wellies and a couple of extra pairs of socks.


As a bonus and because sun glasses are not considered clothing we thought we would slip this little bonus in. Sun glasses not only add style to your outfit but they help you to protect your eyes from that blinding sun or alternatively the rain. Anyway don’t forget your sunglasses they make you look cool.

These items were just a few hint to help men prepare for festival season. Of course you can make a really funky outfit by taking a look at our awesome mens festival clothing which covers everything from shirts and tops to jackets and ponchos.