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Welcome to The Festival Clothing Company, specialising in festival clothing for men and women.


What is Festival Clothing?

Festival Clothing jumper and jacketsFestival clothing has been around in one form or another for many years.  Festivals really started to move forward in the 60’s and were (and still are) known as music festivals.  Since then the clothing has changed to match the current times we live in, however there is still a big link to the past with companies like ours keeping the inspiration of the past and bringing it into the future.

Our clothing is about fun, its about being free and its about being comfortable with what you are wearing.  That’s why our clothing range is handmade, unique and most of the time bright, colourful and fun to wear either in everyday life (like we do) or at your favourite music event.

Who can wear festival clothing?Festival Clothing Tie Dye

Thanks to the imagination of our suppliers (as well as designs we come up with) there are more and more choices for both men and women.  Although it’s no secret that women tend to have a wider choice when it comes to fashion the men certainly are not left behind, so it really doesn’t matter who you are there is a fantastic range of clothes waiting to brighten up your life.

What makes festival clothing different?

This style of clothing is different from your normal high street range for several important reasons.  Festival clothing shouldn’t be the same as normal high street trends, it should be something that shouts out ‘FUN’, it should be something different to normal and should always feel great to wear (you should feel comfy, confident and unique).

This style is different because when you are at a festival you are shaking off your normal everyday life and embracing a new way off life if only for a few days.  Don’t forget many people love to wear this style of clothes all year around because they want to express themselves as unique individuals who use unique clothing to express themselves.

Whether you are just a weekend festival clothes wearer or a life long devote, we have a wide range that just keeps getting better.  Take a look through our collections and let your imagination run wild.

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